Of Relationships And Situationships

We all want to love and be loved but this Kaniaro one has to be careful before you walk into its landmines of relationships. Heck! The guy in the karai from Sauti sol warned us about them, he really must have had a number done on him to pen down such a real song, poor dude.

So, are you in a situationship or a relationship? what classifies as a relationship? Do we know the makings of one or are we blindly accepting the mess and sloppiness of situations that leave us so broken and incapable of relating with one another?

Someone recently sort out the services of that chic with the dog named Hitra, just to check out if some human who had expressed interest was legit. Maybe DCI should start a department for relational good conduct? I bet this would save most of us the unnecessary shock and PTSD that comes with today’s relationships (I feel like using that word is plain wrong).

Enough about the trauma and what’s wrong with relationships how about we explore some pointers collected over time thanks to age and hard, painful lessons.

PS: I am not a certified relationship coach but here are my top things to consider before getting into a relationship.

  1. Who are you?

Do you have your identity in check? Have you established your own principles and value systems? Knowing who you are will guide you in knowing who you want. Identity helps guide boundaries.

  1. Who are they?

So you managed to meet someone and your endorphins are up the roof and now you think they are the one. chill out! Take time to establish who they are not who they say they are. Don’t ignore the red flags, be kind to yourself

  1. What is the relationship built on?

Foundations determine the strength or weakness of a union. Apply wisdom when picking a mate. I recommend Jesus as a foundation, they can’t mess with him so they wont be able to mess with you .

  1. Heal

Some of us have relational PTSD. Take time to heals from past trauma. None of us want to be constantly scrutinized from the last failed relationship.

Finally, if you are lucky to find a really nice human then treat them right with the dignity and respect you both deserve.

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