Octopizzo’s Message To The World – Africa Is The Present, No Longer The Future

254’s finest Octopizzo is indeed a trendsetter and pacemaker in the game. If you pay close attention to his lyricism, he is always dishing out some wisdom on surviving in the ghetto, making upward strides and pride of living in Africa.

Octo just released a new banger titled, “Nu Africa”. A jam so vivid in painting an image of new Africa. A single off his upcoming album “Next Year”. Octo expresses his desire to see progress in Africa in terms of business, agriculture, art, fashion, and geopolitics.

Speaking exclusively to KenyanVibe, Octo says he is not proving anything to anyone anymore. “I know I can make hit songs, it’s time we turn the tables and look at what we can do to help ourselves.”

He goes ahead to explain the jam Nu Africa –“I shot that video in Kibera, Magadi, Lokichogio and Turkana. All the locations are important in why we need to build businesses in these areas. For Example, Kibera is overpopulated, but that means more people can purchase what you sell to them, so Kibera should have thriving start-ups. In Magadi, most mining businesses closed down, so many minerals lie unexploited and we lose out as a country”.

Octo is also calling out the foreign donors who come to Africa in the name of ‘Aid’. He says, “It doesn’t make sense to aid education for kids yet teachers are always on strike. The same kids end up at home so better put up a business and teach the kids some skill.”

On the guys in school learning financial and business developments, Octo calls them out and says, “you guys in campus should make visits to the hood. Understand the charcoal dealer who is turning millions in a month, learn from him and know how to make his business better, don’t graduate without knowing what the hood needs.”

The 16 jams of his 5th studio Album Next Year drops October 8th but the pre-order is available as of September 18th. Octopizzo states that he recorded over 26 songs and over 10 jams did not make it on the final tracklist. So expect multiple singles on the run up to the final body of work.


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