Octopizzo To Kenyan Artists: Not A Must You Sing In English

Rapper Octopizzo believes you actually have an advantage in doing music in Swahili rather than English.

Speaking in an interview in Tanzanian, the rapper disagreed with the raging argument that dominated the local music industry recently that Kenyan artists need to sing in English to further their careers and match their counterparts.

“It is not a must for artists to sing in English for them to go international, be inspired but don’t copy,” he said.

“Be unique by pushing our culture the same way Afrobeat artists pushed their music culture.”

Singer Otile Brown sparked the argument after his tour in South Africa. He claimed Kenyan artists should push their brands in English if they want to dominate internationally.

Octopizzo, however, insisted language shouldn’t be an issue. Artists should focus on good music instead. He argued that Congolese and South Africans have gone international even without English.

“In the next five years, people should be listening to Swahili music alone.

“We have a lot of work despite the few stars. We need to push ourselves with our languages. We need to push ourselves. I will not agree since that is not who they are, you are copying. The most streamed artists are not singing English songs. The main thing is to do good music. We love Congo and South African music yet we don’t understand their language.”

He went on:

“English is not a measure of intelligence but just a language like our mother tongues,” he said.

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