Octopizzo Shares Keys Factors He Checks Before Doing Collabo

Rapper Octopizzo hasn’t done many collabos in the music industry despite clocking more than a decade.

In an interview recently, the seasoned rapper explained that he has his own set of rules that guide him on whom to work with and which direction the song goes.

“That’s basically me with every artiste,” he told Nairobi News. “Before I even do a collabo with somebody, we have to be friends so it’s like organic.”

The award-winning rapper revealed that unlike other artists, he does not work with people just because they are known, but believes in hidden talents and prefers exploring.

He focuses on building relationships first.

“If you see most of my collabos, like Muthoni Drummer Queen, I enjoyed making the song because it was organic. Like Sage used to be Muthoni’s backup singer, and when I heard her sing at an event I knew I wanted to do a song with her. Same for Karun,” he said.

He went on:

“These are people that I meet and we vibe. I don’t care about how big or small you are in the industry, it’s all about if we are friends. Without this collabo, can we actually meet and chat?”

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