Octopizzo Collaborates With Canadian Songstress On A New Single Off His Upcoming Album

We are anticipating the big drop of Kibera’s finest rapper Octopizzo in April 2018 but he keeps teasing the fans with singles that are off the chains.

Octopizzo just dropped the second single after ‘Nu Africa’ which has hit over a million organic views on Youtube and now he got us jamming to ‘Past’. The new single features award-winning vocalist from Toronto Canada Nitasha Randhawa. The pair seamlessly¬†channel their energy on the delivery of the jam, and the result is a masterpiece. Octo’s verse is riddled with subliminal jabs about his peers reeling with the past while he has moved on.

“Past” explores a pop-tinged acid jazz prowess that sways in Hip-hop Technicolor. Textures of nostalgia form a heartfelt narrative that sweetens the ear for repeat listening.

Speaking to Octopizzo, he says the overall sound of the album will be like Past and Nu Africa. Chilled, listenable, music for the car that is artistically put together by legends in the game. He says he had over 30 jams but will have to settle for 15 for the final product.

Octopozizzo was brimming with joy to give credits to legend Jon Rook who mixes the track while the mastering was by acclaimed engineer Chris Athens who has worked with Drake, Jay Z, DJ Khaled, Sean Paul, and Rick Ross.


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