Octopizzo Accused of Lying About Musical Collaboration

Nairobi rapper Octopizzo was accused on Monday of lying about writing a song together with American hip-hop singer August Alsina.

Octopizzo, who was recently referred to as “the best rapper in Kenya” by Nigerian hip-hop legend M.I., claimed that he recorded his upcoming release, “This Could Be Us,” with the 22-year-old American singer, who in turn turned to Twitter, labeling Octopizzo a liar.

“The song ‘Could Be Us’ by @OCTOPIZZO does not feature @AugustAlsina,” reads the tweet.

According to Octopizzo, however, Alsina’s words are nothing but lies.

“I have not met August Alsina yet,” he told a local publication the day after Alsina’s accusations. “My people sent him my music and he loved it. He then recorded the chorus and sent it to me.”

Some critics claim that the song, which was leaked to local blogs in 2014, is a “copy-paste” version of Chicago rapper Lord Eazy’s “Round Me.”

Despite repeated attempts, nothing more has been heard from Alsina since the initial accusations.

Check out “This Could Be Us” for yourself:

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