Ochunglo Family Drop Cross-Generational Musical Masterpiece Honoring Esir’s Legacy

Veteran musician Nameless alongside younger gengetone artists have today paid their repects to fallen superstar Esir after almost two decades in the form of a new banger.

The new song that is likely to be taking over the airwaves soon is called ‘Bandana Ya Esir’ after Esir’s famous bandana from back in the day. It premiered five hours ago on Youtube and already has over 40k views.

The song is a collaboration between musical greats from different generations. The song was produced by Motif di Don Originated ,written & performed by Nelly The Goon and co-written by Nameless, Habib, DMore and Trio Mio.

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Trio Mio, who is oftenly described as Esir’s doppleganger has one of the most memorable and catchy verses from the song.

“Mko pressed mnang’ang’ania maisha, ndio maana sikuwangi impressed mkidang’anya kwa Insta,” raps the lyrical dynamite.

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“Bandana Ya ESIR is a Kenyan urban pop cross generational collaboration to celebrate one of their own, Esir, A Kenyan Icon, an inspiration to many, who passed away 19years ago at the age of 21! With a need to introduce His legacy to the younger generation , Bandana Ya ESIR comes from the younger inspired generation and is guided by the veterans that knew him. it comes at a symbolic time that Esir would be turning 40! The project has received postive vibes , love and blessings ,as the artists strive to also help the family finally benefit financially from the goodwill that the brand Esir and his music still receives,” described Ochunglo.

Nameless, who also has a verse in the song, took to his social media pages to express what the song means to him.

“This project we about to release is very close to my heart .We celebrate our brother ESIR with a CROSS-GENERATION of artists! Some Veterans made a cameo to show LOVE for our fallen friend brother,” he wrote.

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King Kaka was responsible for creating the Esir bandana that is seen all over the video. He took to his socials to thank Nameless for the opportunity.

“It was an honor to design Esirs Bandana. Asante for Believing Godfather,” he exclaimed.

The video also features some of the veterans in the industry who knew Esir, including Nyashinski, Wyre, Talia Oyando and Wahu.

Check out the video below.

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