Nyce Wanjeri Opens Up On Financial Frustrations She Went Through Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Popular Kenyan Actress Nyce Wanjeri who is famously known for her role in the Auntie Boss show has narrated how the COVID-19 pandemic put her through a lot of struggles.

The former Aunty boss actress Shiro confessed that she is indeed among the many Kenyans whose livelihood was affected by the pandemic.

One of the major challenges she encountered during this period is financial constraints as she recalls how she was once forced to ask for money to buy food.

When the situation worsened, Wanjeri says that her major concern was the fear of being stigmatized for borrowing money yet she is a celebrity.

According to the actress, what forced her to put her fears aside was the fact that her daughter needed to eat and would not understand what she was going through.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has really affected me as an artist, there are days that we almost went hungry, other days I called friends to loan me Ksh200.

“Those are things we don’t disclose because there was a time people suffered numerous job losses, you cannot just call any boss and you are also worried about the stigma,” she narrated

She however reveals that she had to be very careful about who she asks for help considering that many artists were equally affected by the pandemic.

Besides the tough experiences she has gone through, Wanjeri mentioned that she equally learnt great lessons as well as known who her true friends are.

“What I thank God for this whole pandemic is that I have learned a lot, l have learned who are my good friends, some come and go.

“Someone said that before you dismiss 2020, it is a year of knowing yourself,” she said.

Wanjeri is among the few other artists who have come forward with their stories on how COVID-19 affected them and how they eventually overcame.

The opening of the economy which has seen some of the entertainers be allowed to proceed with shows has been a big relief to artists who are now trying to stabilize their careers and finances.


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