Nyce Wanjeri Of Auntie Boss ‘Was Already Humbled’ By AMVCA Awards Nominations 

Actress Nyce Wanjeri, who acted as Shiro in the popular program Auntie Boss, was more than glad she was nominated and won the most prestigious awards in the market, the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2018, as the best actress in a comedy and series category.

“I went in ready for anything. Win or lose, I was already humbled by the nomination alongside them,” She said in an interview with the Star newspaper.

“But this is where faith comes in. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again: it is on my knees that most battles are won. I prayed with my family and friends, then let go and let God.”

Wanjeri topped her category by beating big Nollywood names and surprising many in the ceremony that was held in Lagos. She said her late mum is behind all her success since she supported her in all ways possible.  Her mum passed on two years ago and her dad died while she was only 11 years old.

“My mum was my number one cheerleader. No day do I remember her discouraging me from being an actor, unlike the stories I’ve heard from most Kenyan parents. Every decision I made she was there to support and advise, and most of all her prayers. She was a prayer warrior and it is thanks to those blessings from her that I am where I am right now. That woman, her prayers were what kept me going in all my work.

“If she was around, I’m sure she’d have lost her voice from shouting and crying in celebration of my win. She’d have assembled the entire church community (yes, she was one of those mums) to give thanks in prayer and worship because her prophecy over my life and success would have come true,” Nyce said.

In the interview, she wished her mum was present to see her success.

“Thank you mum for bringing me up in the right way. If I will ever go astray, I can never blame you. If I would be even half of the woman you were, I would have achieved a lot. Continue resting with the angels, mum,” she said. 

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