Nyashinski Shares First Episode Of Anticipated Vlog ‘NyashnskiTalks’

Kenyans have been itching for it and now it’s finally out.

Rapper Nyashinski has officially become a vlogger and the first episode of “NyashnskiTalks” is now live.

The rapper made the announcement a couple of weeks ago that he will be having a candid sit downs with renowned names in Kenya where they’ll share their journey and life in general.

In his first episode, Nyash hosted Senator Sakaja Johnson and they spoke on topics ranging from his early high school life, trying out his luck in music, and eventually finding his way into politics.

“Nyashinski Talks is a series that aims to create timely thought-provoking, eye-opening and inspiring content to help Nyashinski fans awaken to their best selves towards the realization of their purpose,” Nyashinski defines the show.

“I want to show people a different world with my voice!”

The two talked about a lot regarding their careers to a point it felt like Nyashanski was also being interviewed by Sakaja.

Great conversation.

Watch it below:

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