Nyashinski Promises To Build A City For Fans

Award-winning rapper Nyashinski has joined the likes of Akon after he announced his plans to build his fans a city.

He made the announcement during the Valentine’s weekend event at Two Rivers Mall dubbed ‘The Shinski Experience’. After his performance, Nyashinski took the mic and revealed his plans for the first time.

“I am building a city for you guys. This is the first time I am revealing it to you and when it comes to pass you will remember this moment. I am building a city for you guys!” he said.

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He is the first Kenyan celebrity to make such a bold announcement, following in the footsteps of Akon and other international celebrities.

Nyashinski’s announcement comes months after Akon in particular promised to build another futuristic smart Akon city in Uganda, after he got billions in funding for the Senegalese one.

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