Nyashinski Performs At Johson Sakaja’s Swearing In Ceremony at KICC

Renowned rapper Nyashinski graced and performed at Governor-elect Johnson Sakaja’s swearing-in ceremony at KICC.

The pair have a good friendship that has stood the test of time. Sakaja has time and again been recorded rapping Nyashinski’s lyrics.

Nyashinski showed up to the event with his wife Zia Bett looking all cute in matching outfits.

Taking to the stage, Nyashinski performed his famous song Marathon runner’.

“Congratulations to my friend governor-elect Johnson Sakaja. It is my honor to perform at this event today and as Nairobi people, we put our trust in you. We know you will do your best.” he said.

The event was graced by political bigwigs including president-elect William Ruto. The glamorous event was hosted by Jimmy Gathu and Massawe Jappani.

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