Nyashinski Hints Kleptomaniax Comeback

23 January of 2019 by

Singer Nyashinski and Radio Citizen host Mzazi Willy M Tuva recently put their differences aside and discussed music, sharing what fans should anticipate from the singer in the near future.

Nyashinski opened about the trio Kleptomaniax which included two other members Collo and Roba. The trio dominated in the early 2000s and had hits such as Swing, Haree, Magnetic among others but has not released any music since Nyashinski came back in 2017.

According to Nyashinski, fans shouldn’t rule out their reunion. At least not yet.

Tunaweza fanya song kwa sababu bado sisi ni marafiki, hio si issue at all. Tumerecord, tuko na kazi Lakini hatujafika point tunafeel hii project tumefanya ni worth sisi kurelease, bado ni process. Personally sipendi kutoa tu song kwa sababu nimeirecord lazima nifike standard ile nafeel nimefanya my best,” said Nyashinski in Mseto East Africa.

Formed in 1999, Kleptomaniax ruled the airwaves for almost a decade after getting signed to Ogopa. They seized firing however in 2007 after members decided to pursue solo careers and Nyashinski flew to the U.S.

Now he’s back, but things have changed. A lot.

Collo is now a born again christian doing gospel music. Roba stopped doing music predominantly and he’s been focusing on other ventures. The industry in general is littered with new faces from artists, producers to presenters.

Nyashinski, who recently had an online spat with Willy Tuva accusing him of favoring Bong artists, said that the changes wouldn’t still stop them from making music.

“Uzuri wa relationship niko nayo na Collo na Roba mimi nawa allow to be themselves na pia wananiallow to be myself,”  said the singer.

“So hata kama tutafanya project pamoja unakuwa mindful na kitu mtu mwingine hatakuwa comfortable nayo unajaribu kuiweka isikuwe offensive. So itakuwa easy kublend.”


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