Nyashinski Has Some Issues He Wants You To Hear

13 July of 2018 by

The comeback king extraordinaire Nyashinski might have been back on the scene for two years now but his impact is immense in our ever-evolving music scene.

With a catalogue of six songs, all bangers in their own right, a massive fanbase, back to back shows and a pinch of everything that comes with being a celebrity, Nyashinski is catching flack for issues beyond his control. He is tired of the hogwash stories, accusations and envy following him so he got a jam out titled KEBS.

As we know, KEBS is a government agency responsible for governing and maintaining the standards and practices of metrology in Kenya, now Nyashisnki twisted it to fit his narrative that he is the quality regulator of the industry.

Let’s delve into some of the issues raised on the jam. Nyash is tired of the blogs, social media and media as a whole tainting his name. Each day a fake story is curated to get his attention, but he never responds. Issues of having a baby mama in Kenya and in the USA, asking for a Million bob for an interview, not winning awards, being anti-social, not paying influencers so as to trend on Twitter – its a whole myriad of things.

Seems Nyash is rising above all that crap and decided to shoot his shot via music. He mentions no names but if the cap fits, you wear it. Even the fickle fans are not left out, just like the new phrase says, ‘if you know you know’ listen and know where you lie.


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