Nyashinski “Grateful” as KBL Invests in His Dream Project

When rapper Nyashinski announced to the world that he was building a city for his fans in February; we thought it was an actual brick and mortar venture. Since then more details have come to light and in a few days (this Saturday), doors will open to the Shin City music experience. The name Shin City was an appropriate choice for the event; explains Nyash himself because it is a play on his name, his favourite movie, and the magnitude of what he is about to unveil this Saturday.

As with any project, you need the right partners to help you accomplish your mission. KBL through its brands Tusker and Johnnie Walker have officially announced they will be walking this journey with the musician.

As Tusker and KBL celebrate their100th anniversary; they pledge to continue to support the music industry in the country through such partnerships as well as initiatives such as the ongoing Tusker Next Stars search.

Johnnie Walker could not pass on the opportunity either. Nyashinski’s Shin City speaks to the brand’s advocacy for progress in society. “This sponsorship is a natural fit for both the Johnnie Walker brand and Nyashinski. As the brand’s mantra goes – Keep Walking, Johnnie Walker is all about championing and celebrating progress. Our aim is to empower and encourage people to be the best version of themselves by taking bold steps that make life richer for everyone.”


Nyanshinski also spoke on his journey towards this goal at the press conference held at Carnivore Grounds which was abuzz with construction and rehearsals. “I remember when it started all this was a dream that was hard to explain but as I was walking in today and seeing the work been done it hit me that it’s happening. This is a big deal for me and I am very emotional. We have done so much rehearsing and thinking that we started to feel numb.” The rapper proceeded to say the event will include several types of artistic expressions to be taken in and not just him performing.

In a QnA Nyashinski also talked about the pandemic as a wake-up call that revealed the system with which we are currently working is not the best way to do things but it also taught him to be more grateful for his talent. On why this is an emotional time for him; he is doing this not just for himself but for those coming after him. Asked if this will be a one-off experience, Nyashinski said he hopes it is the first of many!

KBL gave Nyanshinski an undisclosed amount towards the realization of the event which has a team of over 100 people behind it.

Get your tickets for the event HERE!

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