Nyashinski Drops Three Bangers On His Birthday As He Offers Hope Amid Pandemic

Three months after dropping the banger ‘Hapo Tu’ alongside Chris Kaiga, the GOAT and come-back king Nyashinski surprised his fans with a hat-trick of jams. Nyash dropped the three songs on his birthday -April 8th with a message of hope as we charge forward through this pandemic.

On his previous record, he rapped, ”Mbele naona success, nafunga hat-trick”, I think he made sure that bar came to fruition. The three records are ‘Goals’, ‘Top Form’ and ‘Whoopty Freestyle’ all produced by his bandmate and producer extraordinaire – Cedric ‘Cedo’ Kadenyi.

As usual, Nyash drops bars and speaks his mind on current affairs, pandemic, politics, social life, street life, the music industry. He takes a look at what is happening in our society and paints a picture of it on his music. You must find a favorite off the three jams.

On his Instagram page he left the message, “Hey Fam, I pray with you in 2021 and that you and your loved ones are keeping safe. I did some easy songs during this lockdown and would like to share them with you. My goal is that despite the hopelessness people may find themselves in, we can still find hope in each other by being light and pillars of hope.

I have a HAT-TRICK for ya’ll, 3 SONGS TODAY.




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