Nyashinski Drops a Surprise Project ‘Therapy’

Rapper Nyashinski has dropped a surprise project, ‘Therapy’.

Announcing the project, Nyashinski shared a tweet;

“THERAPY- I do it for the culture.”


Therapy by Nyashiski features Four tracks; Night School, Kabla Tudie, Showman and Tunnell vision.

The rapper showcases his lyricism throughout the four tracks.

Speaking on the project, Nyashinski said the project was born off his most challenging endeavour, ShinCity back in April.

“Therapy is an ever-growing playlist made up of songs that are very introspective,” he said.

“This first instalment specifically is focused on what was going through my mind during the creation of Shincity which was the biggest task I’ve ever done.” Said Nyashinski.

The former group member of Kleptpmaniax broke down the project;

“The first song is night school, then kabla tudie, then showman then tunnel vision.”

“It’s a four course meal, with different styles of production as well.” He added.

Nyashinski noted that he will be adding to the playlist of Therapy;

“So every time I go to the studio and want to talk about something that’s on my mind, we will be adding to the playlist, so it’s like an album that’s always growing I guess.”

Nyashinski set to Host Second Installation of ShinCity in Eldoret

The project comes ahead of his second ShinCity concert.

The event that’s set to take place in Eldoret is scheduled for the 26th of November.

“See you at Shicitylive Eldoret on the 26th of November” Nyashinski shared on Twitter.