Nyama Mama’s New Delta Branch is Bolder and Brighter

Love it or hate it, Nyama Mama is here to stay.

It’s rare for a restaurant to generate as much buzz as this growing chain has managed to in such a short amount of time. Its first location – at the Yaya Center’s food court was so talked about, it seemed that one of its pop-items ‘ugali fries’ had cemented itself within the public lexicon within the first day.

That item may not have been everyone’s cup of tea – but that’s what I loved about Nyama Mama from the get – go: the cheekiness with which it approached its menu; the openness it had to criticism and the fun it conveyed – both in style and presentation as well as the general vibe of the place.

Since then, there has been another express location at the Village Market and its first full location at Delta Towers in Westlands.  It bills itself as a ‘roadside diner’ but it’s a little more special than that. A fantastic space in a fantastic location should give it the reason to succeed. However what will allow it the edge over perhaps more seasoned competitors is the refinement of its menu – no, it hasn’t lost its spunk, but it has fine-tuned and enhanced the ideas behind what it does since its inception.

I sat down for what seemed like an endless tasting of Nyama Delta’s menu items, and I left genuinely impressed (with an overly with a full belly!)

My hits:













Brioche French Toast with Caramelized Bananas.

Absolutely stunning. If you have to try just one thing from Nyama Delta, make it this. Soft and indulgent without been too sweet or cloying. A star.













Chai Poached Pear with Honey, and Almond Granola

All of their breakfast items stood out – this was light, refreshing and absolutely moreish.













Order the plantain. Thank me later.













Crispy Tusker Pork Belly

Super tender, and the sweet potato mash really complimented it. However, I missed the crackle at the top.

Of course I can’t forget to give some shine to some of their new cocktail offerings – the new batch of goodies aren’t served in your favourite tin cups, however early editions such as the Mama’s Mule from their Express branches can still be ordered.

Mama’s Medicines. Gorgeous bottles that you will probably want to nick. (Don’t do it)









Mama’s new cocktails are highly complex with a charm and sincerity that I really appreciated. It’s no longer enough to load sugar syrup and mint with a few shakes of vodka and call it a day. Natural ingredients and sometimes perplexing yet balanced flavor combinations allow for great dining conversation. A Charcoal Manhattan? Don’t mind if I do!

Mama will introduce a breakfast menu from the end of February that will be served between 7am – 11am on weekdays, 8am-12pm on Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sundays.

From March onwards, you can get your late-night fix every Friday and Saturday between 11:30pm – 4am.

The new venue seats 150 people.

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