Nviiri The Storyteller’s Message to Upcoming Musicians

“The cake is big enough for us to share.”

Nviiri The Storyteller was one of the musicians who performed at the Tusker Nexters competition that saw ESport gamers battle it for first prize, and over 20 upcoming super talented artists compete to get to the final stage of their performance.

Tusker has been celebrating its 100th birthday since March and the Tusker Nexters competitions are a part of those celebrations.

After a round-up selection across the country; contestants battled it out at Carnivore Grounds to an exclusive audience in front of three judges; Eric Wainaina, Nadia Mukami, and Buddha Blaze.

The Tusker team included threw an amazing party, which included performances from Nviiri The Storyteller, Wanavokali and Savara. This was the cherry on top of the breathtaking performances we had seen from the Tusker Nexters and the FIFA gamers.

One thing that struck a chord is Nviiri’s words of encouragement to the contestants when he took the stage. In between his set where he sang his jams such as Nikita, Overdose, Niko Sawa, and Pombe Sigara, the singer and songwriter told the Nexters that he is excited to see them shine. “Kujeni tuchape kazi.” He also said that there is enough space for everyone in the industry as he reminisced about being new to the game not so long ago. Nviiri is signed to Sauti Sol’s record label ‘Sol Generations Records’ and is the label’s second signee.

That was such a heartfelt message that was highly appreciated and will go a long way. Definitely the sort of spirit the Kenyan music industry needs.

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