Nviiri The Storyteller Announces New Chapter After Departure From Sol Generation

Popular Kenyan singer Nviiri The Storyteller, known for hits like “Overdose” has announced his departure from Sol Generation. The news comes via a social media post where Nviiri expressed his gratitude for the label’s support in a statement titled “The End of an Era, The Dawn of The Genesis.”

“After five incredible years under the nurturing wing of Sol Generation, we bid farewell with hearts full of appreciation,” Nviiri wrote. He went on to thank the label and Sauti Sol for their “invaluable support, mentorship, and platform” that played a crucial role in his artistic growth and career success.

This departure marks the beginning of a new era for Nviiri, which he calls “The Genesis.” According to Nviiri The Storyteller, fans can expect “boundless creativity, audacious innovation, and global resonance” from this new chapter in his musical journey. In the statement, Nviiri also took the opportunity to introduce his new management team, comprised of Maisha Wirth (Manager), Jamie Alderson (International Manager), and Indiya Oliver (Bookings Manager). The singer also confirmed that he is open for bookings while sharing the relevant contact details.

Sauti Sol and Sol Generation wished Nviiri The Storyteller the best in his future endeavors. Signed by Sol Generation in 2019, Nviiri quickly rose to fame with his hit “Pombe Sigara,” captivating audiences with his witty lyrics and soulful vocals. The singer was signed alongside Bensoul, Nominated Senator Hon. Crystal Asige, and trio Kaskazini.

Over the years, he released several successful projects under the label, including the EP “Kitenge” and his latest album “Inside Out.” His impressive discography boasts popular songs like “Nikita,” “Niko Sawa,” “Birthday Song,” “Baridi,” and “Kesi Baadae.”

With a strong foundation established with Sol Generation and a new team by his side, fans are eagerly waiting to see what Nviiri brings to the table in “The Genesis.”

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