Nurture Organics Enlists Nairobi’s Most Stylish Names In Their Glow Up Campaign

Kenyan beauty brands are out there putting in work to give us quality products as well as jazzing up our IG feeds.

One such brand is Nurture Organics which is currently trending courtesy of their latest shoot featuring some of our faves like Blinky Bill, Karun, and Brian Msafiri.

According to their website; Nurture Organics is a natural hair and skincare brand based in Nairobi, specializing in handcrafting the purest products using unrefined natural ingredients containing essential nutrients that our bodies need. They are also a social enterprise with a purpose to empower Kenyan communities by educating on natural living,  job creation, and important skills to the workforce.

Other than their IG being filled with gems on skincare and more about their products, the feed has stunning images of their brand ambassadors, men and women in separate glow up campaign.

The Glow Campaign has a host of talented individuals behind it who came together to show that Kenyans really do have that magical touch.

Here are some more images we love:


Photographer: @panzigo
Creative Direction:
Stylist: @clintokanga

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