Now That Trump Is President, Kenyans Opinion

November 8th will go down in the annals of history because the unprecedented happened in the historic Election Day. The United States went into polls in search for the 45th president and the race was hotly contested by two candidates. Former first lady and Democrat Hillary Clinton was up against business mogul turned politician Donald Trump who was on a Republican card.

Donald Trump was declared the president-elect by winning 290 electoral votes while Mrs. Clinton managed a mere 228. This announcement had a crazy shock ripple effect in America and all around the world considering Trump campaign was based on Divide and conquer. His utterances were deemed racists, divisive and his tag line Make America great again left a bad taste with the minority groups.

Kenyans were not left behind in voicing their opinion about the results of the poll. A mock election had been performed in Kogelo where Clinton had a win and the residents hoped it would be the same back in the US.

Kenyans on Twitter were super active on the Timeline and the realities of Trump’s win generated all sorts of banter, jokes, opinions and quips. Tweeps took the hashtag #NowThatTrumpIsPresident and ran with it. A form of statement ‘deal with it’ or what is your next step of action twitter had it all.

Issues expressed from relatives who have not visited or called home for ages coming home before deportation, celebrities who need to come to Africa quick, local Tv industry needing a new face-lift with black American actors, twitter is surely a source of joy for a stressed mind.

Some of the local papers had predicted a Clinton win, which was a bold move especially on print but suicidal as that joke fell flat. The comparisons to previous Kenya election where the dailies had predicted an outcome prematurely made the situation such a funny fete.

Check out the twitter rants below.




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