Now That Valentine’s Is Behind Us, Here Are Steps To Sustainable Love

All of us desire love. We all want to be in a fulfilling relationship that evokes all the emotions and offers all the comforts of companionship.

Sadly though, many have not been so lucky to find this love. Unfortunately, we hear of more horror stories than success stories when it comes to love.

However all is not lost, Below are some long-forgotten tips on how to have fruitful relationships.

Know who you are

Unless you understand who you are then you won’t know what you want. Most of our relational frustration emanates from not understanding ourselves and our needs. Identity sets standards. For instance, if faithfulness is a virtue you have then you will want a partner who believes in the same.

Establish a friendship first

Do not rush into love before setting the proper foundations. The friendship stage allows you to know and understand the other person before being romantically involved. It is this friendship that will inform whether you want to take it further or not. Remember some people can make good friends but terrible lovers. Also, friendship will carry the relationship through when all the feelings and emotions wear down.

Hold off the sex

Sex has been scientifically proven to bond individuals. You do not want to bond before you establish the nature of the relationship. While you may want to argue there is no harm, the ramifications of premature bonding out way the gratification.

Don’t ignore the red flags

Red flags are your warning signs to flee before it’s too late. They can be abusive, manipulative behavior or character flaws that affect the relationship. Don’t excuse them with the hope of change. Relate with the person as of now and if this isn’t possible then maybe that’s not the relationship for you.

Extend grace

Humanity is deeply flawed and as such there are no perfect people. Love without the expectation of perfection. Give yourself and the other person room to be themselves within the relationship. Our beauty is in our imperfections.

Remember you can’t receive love if you don’t have love in your heart.

Heal from brokenness, a relationship takes two whole people fully complete within themselves.

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