Njugush: I changed My Name To Blessed Njugush After Lupita’s Big Up

An appreciation tweet from Hollywood actress Lupita Nyongó didn’t just leave comedian Njugush motivated and proud, it changed his life.

Speaking in a CTA interview on Youtube, Njugush revealed that his career changed after Lupita said she enjoys his work. Njugush was still on KTN’s House Helps Of Kawangware but was thinking of launching his solo career.

Njugush said that after the tweet, that’s when he got the confidence to even rebrand to Blessed Njugush.

“I woke up to congratulatory messages on checking why I saw Lupita had tweeted saying she was watching our show,” he said.

“Watching Real House Helps of Kawangware. God bless Njugush.’ Lupita tweeted. At the time I was called funny Njugush. After Lupita’s tweet is when I changed my name to Blessed Njugush. We therefore worked hard on the show till it became the most watched show on tv.”

Njugush further said that starting his solo career wasn’t easy as a lot of people discouraged him.

“When you start something people will always discourage you. When we started shooting Real House Helps of Kawangware there is a big wig who tweeted blasting us for producing ‘Show Ya Mamboch,’” he said.

“Wanafanya show ya maboch na wanataka kufika level ya lupita nyongo? Hawawezi fika by creating such shows.

“At the time Lupita had won an Oscar. I later met that big wig at an event and he greeted me saying vile anapenda my work, kazi gani? Akwende huko. When you start something people will always talk so do you.”



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