Night Embassy Launches In Nairobi

The global Jägermeister Night Embassy is officially in Kenya. This makes Nairobi its eighth global and second African host city after Johannesburg. Since its 2019 launch in Berlin, it has been to Tokyo, London, Bogota, Johannesburg, São Paulo, and Moscow.

Night Embassy
Jägermeister Night Embassy Creative Board & Ambassadors

To celebrate nightlife and artistic innovation, this dynamic platform plans to illuminate the city with a series of exhilarating events and cultural activities throughout November and December 2023, redefining Nairobi’s nightlife and culture in the process.

At the helm of the Night Embassy are exceptionally talented individuals in the fields of Music, Dance, and Fashion. These individuals are all under the expert guidance of a creative board that comprises local cultural icons, each a master in their respective domains. Among the esteemed board members are Blinky Bill, a renowned producer, artist/DJ, and a member of Just a Band; Katungulu Mwendwa, the innovative fashion designer behind the Katush global brand; and Chiki Kuruka, the dynamic force behind The Kuruku Dance fitness movement.

Night Embassy
Wanjira Longauer, Chiki Kuruka, Blinky Bill & Katungulu Mwendwa

During the launch, Chiki Kuruka expressed joy at being part of the Night Embassy. “What’s exciting for me in this project is that for years and years that I have been in the industry, normally dancers are there to prop up another art form. But now, I am so proud to be part of a project where the main experience is dance.“ She said

NAIRADA: Where Nairobi Meets Creativity

Under the canvas of NAIRADA, the Night Embassy Nairobi captures the essence of Nairobi while embracing the relentless pursuit of creativity. Blinky Bill, a local cultural icon and a member of Just a Band, revealed his excitement about the initiative, saying, “I’ve always been involved in whoever is next on the scene, and Nairobi is always bursting with fresh talent. I’m super excited to share what I’ve learned over the years with the next generation. Jägermeister has chosen the perfect time to champion this movement.”

At the core of Night Embassy Nairobi is its commitment to empowering emerging artists and collectives from Nairobi’s diverse neighborhoods. Furthermore, the Night Embassy provides a space for these talents to redefine the city’s nightlife, offering a residency where artists can envision their ideas and become ambassadors of the night. The platform bridges the gap between experience and raw talent, encouraging unpredictability, brilliance, and resourcefulness.

A Celebration of Creativity: The Night Embassy Events Unveiled

Throughout November and December, Night Embassy Nairobi will host a series of events, panels, and showcases in collaboration with its ambassadors, creative board members, and other Nairobi creatives. Talking about the Night Embassy program Katush Founder Katungulu Mwendwa shared her anticipation. “I am looking forward to all the pieces of the Night Embassy. A lot of the time, as cultural practitioners, we sort of experiment and double in all fields. So, I want to see how all the pillars will be unpacked.”

The events schedule is as follows:

  • Dance Pillar: 7th and 9th November 2023 at Kiza Restaurant and Lounge.
  • Music Pillar: 17th November 2023 at Bao Box, and 18th November 2023 at Nairobi Street Kitchen.
  • Fashion Pillar: 22nd November 2023 at Bao Box, and 25th November 2023 at the Wilson Hangar.

Lastly, the grand finale takes December 2, 2023. It promises to culminate the residencies and a curated showcase of various art and performances by Night Embassy Music, Dance, and Fashion ambassadors. It is open to the public and will unveil forward-thinking artists and creations that reveal Nairobi’s true identity and uniqueness.

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