Nigerian Singer Rema Wants Collabo With Singer Karun: ‘Her Vibe Is Different’

Nigerian singer Rema is hoping he’ll get a collabo with singer Karun before jetting out of the country.

Rema, who is currently in Kenya for the MNE performance at Carnivore Grounds on Saturday, said that Karun is a talented singer who should be appreciated more in the country.

“I know Sauti Sol I have been rocking to Sauti Sol for a long time. There is just one girl Karun. Karun is super dope,’ he said during a press conference in Nairobi.

“I listen to a lot of Karun songs last night, I know Sauti Sol for sure Karun I think she is really special and someone told me yesterday that she is not appreciated enough.”

The Nigerian singer shared that he’s hoping he’ll link up with the singer later for a song.

“I feel like she is super talented and I feel like the whole world needs to hear her voice. The whole world needs to hear her story. Her vibe is different I’ve never heard such type of music before. I feel every frequency, and I told my producer to reach out. I actually wanna work with her. She is special,” he said.

On why Nigerian artists are doing well, Rema said that it’s because they are united and aggressive.

“We travel far away from home just to make sure we unlock a different territory to pass our message, you feel me,” he said.

“I feel like a lot of artists pay too much attention to fan-based and rivalry.  So some artists don’t actually wanna work together not because they are not good but because of their fans,” he said.

“We should look past that spend more time together understand our different mind spaces and just keep working together and just know you know always it is about.

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