Nick Odhiambo On How Maina Kageni Boosted His Confidence In His First Radio Gig

Yesterday, Nick Odhiambo went down memory lane to reminisce how Maina Kageni gave him a boost of confidence in his first radio gig.

The radio presenter, voice-over artist, and actor – dubbed the king of voice over acting, posted on Twitter:

“On 15th July then boss Maina Kageni put the mic fader up and said ongea sasa. I swallowed hard and forgot everything I wanted to say and told him “ama tuache tu” he told me you are already here just go for it.. 15 years in Radio today!”

Nick started his career as a Radio presenter at classic 105 FM. He rose through the ranks, eventually hosting the drive show, after nearly 11 years at Classic FM. He later joined Radio Maisha as a replacement for presenter Jalang’o, and hosted for four years, till he announced his exit recently.

Nick who started as an English Radio presenter, announced he will be transitioning back to English Radio, on his last day at Radio Maisha he posted, “Today’s my final RHUMBA show on air after 4 years at Radio Maisha! Did I ever think I’d switch to Swahili Radio? NOPE, but the opportunity came and I took it. Transitioning back to English Radio in a few days.”

In his latest tweet he added “#NewJobLoading to mark this TBT.