Nick Ndeda Speaks On His On-Screen Comeback

Nick Ndeda is back on screen, playing the role of Tehi, the eldest child of the affluent Gatehi-Lang’at family in the Showmax Original telenovela, Second Family. The actor hasn’t been on screen since playing the role of a rookie paramedic racing against time to save a road accident victim in the 2018 AMVCA-winning film 18 Hours. A comeback as Tehi makes Ndeda optimistic about his film career. “This character has the potential to be the biggest moment of my acting career because of the length of the show.” He says.

Tehi is the troublesome child of the family. He is reckless, entitled, and has too much money to burn, which he spends on drugs and women. Ndeda describes Tehi as a caged spirit riddled with guilt that he only seems to manage through a colorful hedonistic lifestyle. “On the upside, a tormented soul makes for a fun personality, most times.” He adds.

In the show, Tehi is also very smooth with the ladies. Ndeda revealed that there is a hilarious scene where he tries to hit on Katherine (Mumbi Maina) and fails at first attempt. Does he think Tehi has a chance with her? Well, Ndeda said that he thinks Tehi might not stand a chance. But he hears Tehi in his ear, saying, “Dare me!”

Nick Ndeda on Prepping For Tehi’s Role

To prepare for this role, Ndeda sat down with the writers, Mkamzee Mwatela and Annette Shadeya, prior to filming. They discussed Tehi’s arc in the story as well as the backstory that helped mold him. Furthermore, he also noted that because of the nature of the show, Tehi is constantly evolving, and he is still peeling new layers of him with every three or four episodes they shoot.

For Ndeda his experience on set was amazing. He reunited with actors whom he can call friends and met new ones who have fast become family. “The cast and crew all gel so well because we all share a vision: to create a game-changing show not just for Kenya but for Africa as a whole.” Says Nick Ndeda.

While Ndeda is famously known for his iconic voice on radio, the KBC Radio host intimated that he feels most at ease on stage doing theater. Although Tehi is seen as the “bad boy,” Nick Ndeda thinks that he is the least bad person in the twisted Gatehi-Lang’at family web. “I know his ride is only getting wilder and I am here for it.” He concludes.

Catch Second Family on Showmax, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday to Friday.

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