Exclusive! Nick Mutuma Speaks on Being A “Young Terrence Howard” and His Latest Project, “This Is It”.

Nick Mutuma has done well for himself as far as entertainment in the country is concerned and especially in the film industry.

He’s been in the game seven or eight years straight and has done quite some respectable work, even being the only Kenyan starring in MTV Sugar season 3 which was hugely based in Nigeria. Surely, that should mean something!

On this latest project, This Is It,  Dede (Nick Mutuma) is a newly wed who has to go through the motions of new marriage and getting used to the idea of settling in with his wife, Nigerian actress, Tomide (Chiagozien Nwakanma).

Season one, which premieres on September 13th this year, focuses on the first six months of marriage. As seen in the trailer, it’s all fun and games at first, lots of sex and sneaking around *wink wink* with the occasional interruptions from friends then there’s the cuteness cut short, in with the drama and arguments but a happy ending because that’s what relationships are about, right?

About this project, Nick says that it was more of an experiment because it’s the first he has  done outside of Kenya besides Shuga so he was nervous (and excited at the same time) about working with new people and being outside his squad (he said social circle, I’m just making it sound fun. Lol).

Ruby: How did you get to be a part of this project to begin with?

Nick: It’s so crazy. This project was actually not mine. The lead actor dropped out, he’s Nigerian, very talented and Lola (the director) says that she just had a flash of my face (it was almost divine) so she hit me up via mail (and sent me the script too and I loved it once I’d read through it). I looked up her work online and was completely blown away so five emails (and a few months) later, I was on a flight to Lagos and the rest as they say, is history!

R: Was getting into character harder this time?

NM: I think I’m always typecasted for the good guy type role; the lover boy, kinda like Terrence Howard. I’m like a young Terrence Howard so I play those roles comfortably. It wasn’t too hard, my co-star was very professional so it wasn’t hard for us to do our thing.

R: Was this somewhere close to where you envision your married life?

NM: Well, the thing I like about the script is we’re basically acting the life of the writer who is also the director so it just got a lot of interesting things and I mean, I’m dating right now, serious relationship and we also experience some of the things that were in the story.

R: Are you the kinda guy  that wants to do the traditional “We’re gonna get married someday” type?

NM: Yeah of course! Who doesn’t wanna get married? My parents are married for 27 years now… happily married and I’d want that. I’d want that kinda foundation for my children, I’d want that kind of companionship for myself and actually what is in the script is what I’d want for myself. Tomide and Dede (the two main characters) are more friends than lovers and they compliment each other so well so I’d definitely want that.

R: Is the series going to be online too or where can we find the show once it premiers?

NM: A lot of the terrestrial networks have shown interest in the show; we’re currently in negotiations with two of them but we believe that online television is the future so the best way to catch the show is by subscribing to the You Tube channel and you’ll be able to catch an episode a week starting September 13th.

Well now that you have some inside scoop on this, you have no option but to be excited about the premiere as much as I am 🙂

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