Ni Sisi – New Kenyan film promoting peace released

New Kenyan film Ni Sisi, is a film about peace and Kenyan identity, premiered at the Australian High Commission in Muthaiga, Nairobi this past Thursday.

The film portrays a typical Kenyan community made up of a harmonious muddle of tribes, intermarriages and extended families. Friends who had lived and worked together begin to identify each other according to tribe. Mistrust swoops in together with a sense of threat.

Violence follows, severing the ties that bound the community together. The film leaves a lingering question: “did we learn from the past?” Speaking at the event, the host, Australian High Commissioner Geoff Tooth, called for peace in the March 4 elections.

“Peace is necessary in building an ever stronger democracy. As we approach the elections, we can’t take peace for granted. We should use our voices to reach all communities with a message of peace,” he said.

The film is produced by the Sponsored Arts For Education.

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