Nairobi Based Heavyweights Killin It On #KamaKawaida

Right off the bat, 2017 is already shaping up to be a good year for music! *fingers crossed I’m not jinxing it* We had a lot of great news coming out of the music scene last year, from Wangeci’s endorsement deal with East Africa Breweries to some very cool sounds from all across the board; gospel to hip hop, pop and genge, with notable releases from King Kaka, Victoria Kimani’s album debut and perhaps my favourite, Nyashinski’s return! It was a good year!

This one’s already sounding better!

Nairobi based heavy weights Kagwe Mungai, Fena Gitu, Mayonde & Muthoni the Drummer Queen just released a brand new single, Kama Kawaida that’s already heating up the airwaves! Released on Muthoni’s Soundcloud account only a couple of days ago, the video is already out!! Muthoni described the new single on the page (Soundcloud) as, “Straight fire. Banger. Car ready. Stereo ready. Radio Ready. Club ready. 2017 Mood” The song, she continues, “(#KamaKawaida) is a Kiswahili phrase that means as usual. The words on the chorous: Kama Kawaida, I Kill it, I do. I kill it, I do.”

Kama Kawaida, is the second song in an ongoing collaboration with the artists, and is truly everything the Drummer Queen describes it to be. Littered with lines like “I got the sauce… mchuzi,” *I loved this one*, the hit is set on a catchy, snappy beat produced by Kagwe Mungai, and yes, expect to be turning up your radio anytime this one comes on!

The accompanying video directed by filmmaker and 48hr Film Project alum (winner too!) Jenny Muigai, is her first when it comes to music videos. Shot in a day, at three different locations including Olepolos was a “fated collaboration,” she said on phone interview. “Watching these four immensely talented musicians come together to create such dope music, and more so how effortlessly they melted into each other’s grooves was something else! It needed to be documented, so I took it upon myself.”

You can certainly look forward to a lot more collabos from this group of longtime friends, perhaps an album? Fena says, “We wait and see.”

Expect more heat in 2017 is the message! Check out the video here:

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