New Web Series #becauselove Premieres

The show #BecauseLove opens with a panning shot of the Nairobi CBD and a voice on the radio taking a song request, a dedication from a listener, Ben, to his sweetheart. Just a Band’s “Probably for Lovers” starts to play and we’re introduced to the show’s protagonist, Vierra Ng’ang’a, taking in the scenery in the back of a cab. Her phone rings.

And I’m already hooked.

#becauselove is a brand-new web series that premiered only a few days ago, the brainchild of two production houses, Yare Picture Studio and Tony Tini Tone Productions. The story will revolve around a 28yr old Vierra, played by Joyce Maina, who comes back home from a stint abroad, Australia, and is trying to find her footing in Kenya after being gone for so long.

Speaking in a promotional video for the show, Joyce Maina says about her character, “She {Vierra} has a very strong will. She never lets anything put her down for too long.”

Noticed how TV series these days follow a title formula for every episode? The Mentalist has titles that revolve around Red (the serial killer) and Grey’s Anatomy episodes are always named after a song. I know you noticed. Well, #becauselove follows this trend as well, naming the episodes to match the theme that week, hinting at the plot as well. Take episode one for example, #becauselovebroughtmehere, sees Vierra coming back to the country, get it?

Speaking to KenyanVibe, Tony Mwangi Njanja, executive producer and the show’s lead writer says, “We have gotten feedback that episode one was too short, so we are currently discussing how long the next episode will be. The world will find out next Thursday.” The show which will have about 24 episodes this first season wrapped up production some time ago but “We all want to get back on set as soon as possible,” he said, remembering to shout out his script advisors, Nduta Njenga, Vierra Nyakundi, Joy Naini and Wendy Psiwa who “assisted so greatly with putting the story together.”

The cast includes Charity Nyambura, Esther Masaa, Blessing Lungaho, Gitau Ngogoyo, Pascal Tokodi, Sybill Collette.

Check out the trailer.

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