New Travel Show Explores Kenya’s Beautiful Destinations

One of the positive things to come out of the last year is being reminded of how beautiful our country is and how much there is to see and do even beyond the safaris or beaches.

With lockdowns and the usual pass-time activities not being an option more and more people traveled around Kenya and #TembeaKenya has become more than a hashtag we see on social media. Although sitting at home and catching up with travel content also became so much fun to do. How many new places are now on your to see list thanks to this!

Apart from YouTube and other social media platforms, Kenyan TV stations need to have more travel shows right?

A new show that takes you around some of Kenya’s known and unknown spots hit the airwaves recently.

According to the KBC website “Zurura” premiered on KBC Channel One on Friday, June 2nd at 8 PM; hosted by Ashiko Mbune and Nick Wang’ondu.

“It’s a show that highlights culture, promotes our heritage; it really puts an eye on Kenya and gives Kenyans a nice view of something they haven’t seen. Hopefully, it will invigorate us to go out there and explore more of our country,” says Nick

Check out the trailer below

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