New Tracks Closing Out June

It’s Saturday and we strive to close out the week with what is bubbling hot in the 254 music streets. Below are some of the new releases that are bubbling nice and slow.

Black Sultan Feat Khaligraph Jones

Afro-pop act Black Sultan is looking for a break with his hit single ‘Pod Apek’ and I bet having Khaligraph on the collabo with have some mileage. The laid back bouncy track has the Sultan on a dancehall flow speaking to the ladies and King Khali stays on that topic as well.  Black Sultan works at Urban Radio Kisumu and I bet this track will garner some following just like we saw Vicmass LuoDollar do.

K-47 Feat Frenchboy

Rapper, Producer, and footballer K-47 is known in the Hip Hop circles from freestyling and the man done stepped up to get a solid jam which features singer Frenchboy. ‘All Eyes On You’ (Songea) has that urban sound, typical rap-sing joint with a hot video vixen to make the message clear. I’d rate it 6 because I feel his rap could be sleeker. Enjoy the Farmhouse video right here.

Dandora Music

This group of kids really never gets the props they deserve for the work they put in. Still, on the underground Hip Hop scene, they are heavy on live freestyle sessions, sassy rhymes, and deep sheng lyrical prowess. This new jam ‘Unbreakable’ is a social message speaking against domestic violence. Speaking to the ladies in such situations, the jam calls them to choose between Happiness and death. The jam feature Ythera a vocalist from THE SEARCH who lays some beautiful verse.

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.