New Phase! Grandpa Records Re-brands Into More Than A Recording Studio

06 May of 2019 by

After several comeback announcements and a rather rocky relaunch, Grandpa Records has finally resumed operations as Grandpa Dynamics.

The popular record label Saturday officially resumed operations after launching their new offices based in Magiwa Estate, Ngumo. Grandpa Dynamics will now offer PR and marketing services to corporate brands and organise events on top of its usual label services.

Early this year, the founder and CEO Yusuf Noah, popularly known as Refigah, revealed in a press conference that he was making a comeback after a 22-month break.

While Refigah easily planned the record label’s overhaul, adding PR and Marketing services is something that has been in the pipeline for at least five years.

“For the record label we just planned the relaunch after taking a break but for the new additions, I had to wait for five years and build enough contacts first.” he said.

Grandpa Records is behind mega hits such as Dawa ya Moto, Fimbo Chapa and Mapepo. The label in January introduced their newest signee, a UK based Kenyan female artist who goes by the stage name Mistony and Baringo County Talent Awards winner Naiweti before promising a strong comeback.

The relaunch, however, has not been seamless.

It was temporarily interrupted following a break in, which happened dead at night, that saw the thugs walk away with recording equipment that has taken the label years to acquire. These happened while the label was still based in Kibera.

On Saturday, the company promised innovation will be their core strategy.

“As a full-service, integrated agency, we combine traditional PR with evolving digital technologies. We never sit still and are always on the hunt for our most innovative campaign to date. Our best idea is always our next idea.” he added.

“As public relations experts, we develop and refine our client’s stories into award-winning content, and disseminate to those who matter most. This enables us to gain mind-share and convert it to market-share, safeguarding our clients’ success as market leaders.”


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