New music review: Sauti Sol ‘Sura Yako’

Like many Sauti Sol songs, their new single “Sura Yako‘  is a classic love song about the beauty of a lover. Although the lyrics are very repetitive, they are meaningful and interesting with some punchy phrases and delivered beautifully vocally.

Sauti Sol have proven to be very clever when it comes to blending their voices on a track. Towards the end, Chimano’s distinctive baritone flawlessly blends into the falsetto of another. The melodious Chakacha rhythm makes this song very endearing. It brings an upbeat feeling throughout.

The track is catchy and has the ability to transcend different generations. The traditional beat combined with their visceral vocals, are what make the song an authentic Sauti Sol Afro-Pop hit.

Lyrics: 6 / 10
Vocals: 9 / 10
Melody: 9 / 10

Rating: 8 /10

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