New Music Friday: What’s Sizzling Hot This Week!

23 November of 2018 by

The year is about to come to a close and the music acts are still at it releasing hot new records as we press on. Here are some of the hottest jams trying to find a spot on the end of year countdown.

Nyashinki- Free

Come back king Nyashinki is strategic on his release and you can tell it is paying off. His collaborations and singles are well timed and his dominance since his return is undeniable. ‘Free’ is the 10th solo single and it covers the politics in the industry, fictitious friends and overall feel-good vibe of the music. This jam is an easy listen and memorable I’d rate it 8/10.

Nellythegoon feat Benzema- Na Iwake

You know the group from their break out single ‘Bora Uhai’ and they have a follow-up tune that is as street as the first. ‘Na Iwake’ literally paints a picture of their lives in the hood, activities they engage in, turn up style and crazy Sheng lingo that will take you a minute to fully comprehend. The group is gaining traction and you might soon see them on the big stage just like their counterpart Ethic.

Willy Paul Feat Badgyal Cecil- Sikereti

Controversy-ridden Gospel act Willy Paul is still riding the wave and releasing music while at it. He just dropped the video of his latest jam ‘Sikereti’ which features Jamaican songstress Cecile. I wouldn’t quantify the jam as a Gospel hit but the musical prowess on it is banging. Cecile brings her A-game and delivered some sick flow and vocals. Willy Paul is using all the clandestine ways to market the jam hence driving the youtube views to over 300k.



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