Kenya is a beautiful country. Fact.

Kenya is a country of beautiful people. Also Fact.

So why have we never won in the Miss World competition? Kenya has been participating in the pageant since 1960, when Jasmine Batty first stood under that spotlight, and then for many more years after that. The closest we ever got to the title was back in 2014 when Idah Ngumo, our representative that year, beat out fellow contestants in the Beach Fashion category, landing in the top 5 and coming first in the Beauty with a Purpose competition, this placed her among the top ten finalists. She finished as the seventh most beautiful girl in the world (the best Kenya has ever ranked in the competition) with South Africa’s Rolene Strauss crowned Miss World 2014. Africa, as a continent, has had only three countries take home the big win; Egypt back in 1954, Nigeria in 2001 and South Africa winning thrice, 1958, 1974 and 2014.

I think it’s our turn now.

Miss World 2016 kicked off last month, 26th Nov, and this time, there’s a bit of a twist. One can secure a place in the top ten by winning one of the “fast track” competitions either Beauty with a Purpose, Multimedia, Sports, Talent, or Top Model. Points are awarded during these stages. The Interview, is another crucial part of the pageant where the judges get to sit with the contestants and award points to each as they see fit. (No pressure right!?) This all takes place in the weeks leading up to the final on the 18th Dec, where the top ten are announced and a winner is picked.

This time though… You get a vote! Miss World 2016 is inviting you to pick the person you want to see in the Top Ten! Here’s what you need to do: Download the official Miss World App available on the Apple app store and Google play. Pick three contestants (your three votes.) Click vote and that’s it! The People’s Choice Award winner will be announced on the night and automatically is one of the finalists. Evelyn Njambi Thungu is Miss Kenya. She can be Miss World 2016 , and we can get her in the top ten! So let’s.

Voting ends on the 18th December at 01.00 am Local Time.

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