New Media Conference To Kick Off In Nairobi

Technology has inverted old ways of thinking and doing things, injecting the new world order in our everyday lives. The integration of new media in our society has had an unimaginable impact on how we conduct business, socialize, politic and fight for basic rights and justice.

In order to understand and fully exploit this concept of New Media, communication expert from Nigeria, Tosin Ajibade, in collaboration with Anyiko PR are set to bring the maiden New Media Conference 2017 to Nairobi.

Following the success of the Nigerian edition initiated two years ago, the New Media Conference now comes to East Africa, set to spark conversations that will enlighten key stakeholders in media, entertainment, and business regarding developments in the digital space and how to maximize or stretch their capacity for more impact.

Commenting on why Nairobi, Ajibade had this to say, “The new media conversation is global and we chose Nairobi, Kenya as our next city to host the New Media Conference because of the level of awareness and adoption of new media in driving social, political, and economic conversations,” adding, “It is no surprise that key tech initiatives by major multinationals have found residence in Kenya’s capital city. Alibaba Founder, Jack Ma’s recent visit to Nairobi is just one of the high profile visits within the last few years. This underscores the importance of the city amongst Africa’s emerging tech titans. We want to be driving these important conversations, and now is the time!”  

If you are inclined on learning about the Impact of New Media on Elections, Policies & Governance, Re-selling Kenya to the World through Tourism,  Issues about the Entertainment Industry, how to Leverage Digital Marketing for Your Business, Building a Profitable Global/Personal Brand from the Scratch, how to Use Social Media Channels to Promote Your Music/Movie Effectively, this is the place for you.

The event will be happening at the Michael Joseph Centre on September 29th from 9-4pm with tickets trading at Ksh 1000.



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