Never trust a woman who ….

Never Trust A Woman Who ….
  1. Can open a beer bottle with her teeth.
  2. Cheated on her ex with you. Karma is a bitch and the girl is too.
  3. Has few or no female friends.
  4. Switches off her phone whenever she is with you.
  5. Is always texting but when you accidentally look at her inbox it has zero messages.
  6. Has more than four Debit or Credit Cards in her purse.
  7. Wears more make-up than clothes.
  8. Drinks White Cap.
  9. Doesn’t have any of her own photos on facebook, not even her own profile pic.
  10. Has never watched even a single episode of The Wedding Show.
  11. Will not tell you where she went to High School.
  12. Doesn’t have a job but always has a new hairstyle, phone or new clothes.
  13. Has a gold tooth.
  14. Leaves the room to answer her phone.
  15. Wears a digital watch.
  16. Never wears skirts.
  17. Walks around with a tooth pick in her mouth after lunch.
  18. Carries Condoms AND a toothbrush in her handbag at all times.
  19. Is always broke but always on the rave.
  20. Carries an alcohol flask in her handbag.
  21. Doesn’t know her mother’s number off-head.
  22. Has disabled posting on her facebook wall.
  23. Cannot cook.
  24. Can leave the house while wearing mismatched socks/earrings.
  25. Carries a weapon in her handbag.
  26. Adamantly refuses to show ANYONE her ID card.
  27. Never shows her real hair.
  28. Has more than 1,000 friends on facebook.
  29. Is always talking about quarter acres, shares or investments.
  30. Doesn’t like kids.

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