Netflix Or Disney Plus, Which Makes More Sense For Kenyans?

Netflix and Disney Plus are both on-demand streaming services for watching TV shows and films.

Initially, Netflix was the dominant brand generally because of its early start but now, with more streaming services joining, the market has been constantly shrinking.

We now have Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and Disney’s other platform, Hulu and it’s becoming harder and harder for users to make up their minds which platform to go for.

So, which platform makes sense for Kenyans?


Disney Plus is cheaper

Disney Plus costs $6.99(Ksh711.23) per month, or you can save by purchasing a year for $69.99(Ksh 7121.48).

The subscription includes streaming to four devices simultaneously and the creation of seven user profiles for different members in a household. Disney Plus also includes 4K streaming for select titles, which Netflix charges extra for.

Netflix has three streaming-plan tiers. The basic plan is $2 more than Disney Plus, at $9( Ksh915.75 ), and limits you to standard-definition resolution and only one screen at a time.

The standard, $13 (Ksh 1322.75) Netflix plan bumps you up to HD resolution and two screens at once, while the $16 (1622.75) premium plan goes to 4K and four screens at once.

While Netflix definitely has a larger content library, Disney Plus beats Netflix on sheer value and simplifies things with a single plan.


Netflix leads in an array of movies, Disney Plus exclusively owns the best and popular movies.

Disney+’s listings include many of the most popular films and television shows ever made. Within a year after its debut, Disney+ will host all of the Star Wars films, most of which are currently hard to find online.

Disney+ is the exclusive digital home for all new Marvel movies, including Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

Every Disney animated film is available on the service (with the exception of Song of the South), as are all 30 seasons of The Simpsons.

Netflix, on the other hand, is losing most of its popular shows now that cable TVs are joining the streaming service.

User interface

Both Netflix and Disney+ have a large window that highlights featured material, followed by horizontal lists that sort content into new releases, personalized recommendations, and other categories. Disney+ has a few extra buttons that let you sort content by franchise, but otherwise, they’re more or less the same.


While it costs more, Netflix offers more variety in terms of genre, has a bigger selection of movies and television shows, and already hosts a large number of critically acclaimed original series.

Disney+ is great, but it’s geared toward fans of Disney’s specific brands. By contrast, Netflix is for everyone. So Kenyans might be just okay with Netflix after all but at a cost.

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