NEST Collective Launches ‘Stories of Our Lives’ Book

Following worldwide success with serial documentary “Stories of Our Lives,” Jim Chuchu’s NEST Collective is now launching “Stories of Our Lives; Queer Kenyan Narratives” – a self-published book telling the stories of those queer-identifying individuals that were interviewed for the documentary but never included in it.

“The film was only able to accommodate just a tiny fraction of the archive we had collected,” reads a recent NEST press release. “We figured putting the rest of the stories in a book would be a good way to share many of them so – in our typical DIY fashion – we spent months transcribing a large portion of the anonymous audio interviews.”

To respect the anonymity of the subjects, NEST has redacted names and places in the book but kept the narratives exactly as they were told in all other regards.

“This was a very emotional process for us,” continues the press release. “Particularly listening again to many incredible moments in people’s lives – some tragic, some beautiful, some hilarious, many brave, many thoughtful, all precious.”

The book runs 336 pages and is now available on Amazon both in paperback and Kindle editions.

“While it is often a difficult experience living an open and free queer life, there are still many queer Kenyans attempting to negotiate their identities, sexuality, gender, belonging, faith, family life, political involvement, work, school and life,” NEST said. “This anthology acknowledges these individual decisions to overcome fear and begin deeply personal, and very political life journeys.”

Originally from Sweden, Chris is a journalist with an extensive interest for African culture and the arts.