Here Is Why You Need To Connect With Nature at ‘The Forest’ in Lari

I bet everyone has been wondering if the sun moved a few inches close to planet earth. Climate change is real and it is important to discover some places and have some fun outdoor experience before they are ruined or become extinct.

Kereita forest is a fairly new spot about 60km from Nairobi that is getting traction from tourist both local and foreign. Located in Lari Sub County, just near Kimende on the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway, “The Forest” is the ultimate adrenalin junkie spot. When my friends decided to explore the area without me, I can only regret from what seemed a day of fun.

What activities does ‘the Forest’ spot offer you?

Well, Zip Lining Thrill: Seven line course approximately 2.4km long and standing at 92m high is a challenge that makes you see your life flash before your eyes and takes you roughly 90minutes to complete.

Archery: Shooting at fixed targets has some instinctive sensation and grows once you start hitting the target. The Forest also offers trekking archery, where you follow a trail into the woods and find hidden targets. Well, hunting is our natural instinct so better go back to the roots of food hunting. This past weekend, some people took it a bit far.

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That time I went hunting…

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Paint Ball Shooting: The forest provides this team building activity for projectile color paintballs. Whether its friends or colleagues, trust me grudges must come up on this.

Mountain Biking: Cycling in the woods on marked and graded trails (which sometimes animals use) is an extreme work out considering its hilly but perfect ambiance. You rent the bikes right there for two hours and have a detailed map.

Hiking: you get to explore Kereita forest, one of the calving area for Aberdare Elephants. See some serene water catchment areas, rare species of birds and enjoy the serene environment. Nature walk through caves and woods can be a calming factor. You are also encouraged to take part in the tree planting and you can nurture it.

The forest caters for teams as well individuals in all activities; you can book them online and have a package that offers almost everything.

Be sure to grab a chance to connect with Mother Nature at The Forest.


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