Natural Hair Blogger Peace Loise Shares Her Journey

Natural Hair Advocate Peace Loise is among five people who won the Denri Face of Africa competition in January 2021.

Loise and the five others managed to beat over 3,000 applicants who also tried their luck. The 30-year-old Youtube content creator recently linked up with Spice Magazine where she shared her journey and why she loves natural hair.

“I am mostly known for blogging about natural hair, something I’ve done since 2016. Healthy hair is a big passion of mine,” she said.

“I also happen to be a trained journalist, a profession I no longer actively practise. But since I still write, I sometimes still call myself a journalist.”

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Regarding her being team natural, Loise says it started out as a process of self-love.

“Natural hair was the window to self-love for me. I’m so happy I took this path,” she said.

“I prefer calling myself a natural hair enthusiast. My love for natural hair comes from my journey of identity. Growing up as a dark-skinned girl I felt like a misfit. I didn’t get as much attention from boys as my light-skinned friends.

“When I found the natural hair movement in 2015, it was affirming and I fell in love with my African roots.”

Peace Loise was started in 2020 with the aim of selling fashion accessories but later took another direction.

“I started the business in July last year with selling brass earrings, but I decided to introduce head wraps in December,” she said.

“I’d been thinking of the idea for a while since I’m a lover of head wraps myself. So, for now those are the two products I’m dealing in, but I’m planning to expand and add a few more items as time goes by.”

Why does she love headwraps so much?

“Well, one has to be because you’ll look hella good,” she said.

“There is just something about a girl in a head wrap. It’s her African crown and she can do anything.

“Secondly, it’s the convenience head wraps bring. Having a bad hair day? Tie a wrap. In a hurry, tie a wrap. Attending a wedding, rock a wrap. I can go on and on.


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