Natalie Tewa Finally Opens Up About Quitting Youtube

Renown beauty and travel YouTuber Natalie Tewa has finally addressed the rumours that she has quit Youtube permanently after a long hiatus.

Miss Tewa finally spoke up during a QnA session she conducted on her Instagram page a few hours ago.

A few fans brought up the question of quitting youtube and what reasons she has for leaving.

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True to the fact, Miss Tewa revealed that she has lost interest in the content creation platform due to all the negativity she has received over the past few months.

“I love creating content but lost my love for it because honestly not sure if it’s worth the negativity that comes with it,” she wrote.

She also revealed that her peace is much more important.

“I miss creating content too but my peace is just more important, got tired of being wrongly judged,” she revealed.

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This comes after rounds of social media harassment that has plagued her Youtube career over her personal life.

Tewa isn’t the first content creator to be bullied by Kenyans and eventually pushed out of the scene. Others who have been bullied include comedian Mulamwah and Youtuber Yummy Mummy just to name a few.

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