Nancie Mwai Shares Life Lessons She Has Learnt Over The Last Decade

Entrepreneur cum YouTube extraordinaire Nancie Mwai was in a philanthropic mood as she divulged into the critical lessons she has learnt over the last ten years of her life.

She did this as she was celebrating her 33rd birthday with family and close friends in a beautiful scenic undisclosed location.

The mother of one has drawn a lot of fans to her over the years because of her fashion, business and beauty sense. The lessons she shared are absolute steals for the young 20-something-year-old trying to find his/her footing in life.


Get your pens and notebooks folks, here are the 33 things Nancy learnt in the last 10 years for some Tuesday inspiration.

–  This is your life don’t put it in someone else’s hands
– If you’re a believer, pray and seek God’s guidance first.
–  Your choices have consequences
– Take risks …calculated risks
– Take responsibility for the choices you make
– Be self-aware
–  Invest in your friendships the same way you invest in your relationships
– That one decision you make could change your life forever, take the opportunity
– Cultivate peace from within and nothing will disturb your peace of mind
–  Your potential is endless
– Be curious
– Make new friends
– No matter where you are in life try live life with a big spoon
–  Feel the fear but do it anyways
–  Approach big goals with small steps
– Check in on our friends and family
– Manage your expectations of people
– Stop depending on other people for your own happiness
– Yes, you will fail however pick yourself up as fast as you can.
– What you allow will continue
– Your speed doesn’t matter, forward using forward
–  Mind your business
– Learn how to create boundaries with your family and friends.
– Start now with what you have, you’ll never have perfect conditions
– Your biggest commitment should be to yourself
– Ask…the worst answer you can get is a NO.
– Stay wild
–  Learn how to say NO
–  Love is more than a feeling, it’s a choice
– Take care of yourself, your health is your best asset
– Don’t believe everything you see on these Instagram streets
– Consistency will bring you results
– Perfection is a dream killer

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