Nana Owiti: I Got A lot Of Mixed Emotions Working King Kaka’s New Song

Influencer and TV host Nana Owiti was recently reduced to tears after her hubby, King Kaka, asked her to make a cameo in his new single “Ahsante”.

Owiti revealed that King Kaka asked her to be in the music video and she didn’t ask much other than the synopsis.

“As a first-hand beneficiary of our Lord’s Mercy and unmerited Grace, King Kaka is doing a full album celebrating what God has done for him privately and in public. When he asked me to make a cameo in his lead single, the only thing that I asked is what the synopsis looked like. I hadn’t heard the song before,” she revealed.

The video is based on their had times when King Kaka was misdiagnosed with an illness something that left him hospitalized for months.

Owiti was pushed into tears after seeing the video set since it brought back all the memories of the incident.

“I wanted to hear all these songs when they were out. I wanted to wait in anticipation just like everyone else. Then I walked into the set and the first thing I saw was the bed and him almost exactly clad as he was at the hospital, needless to say, I couldn’t stop crying for a couple of minutes,” she narrated.

Ahsante which is all about the rapper giving gratitude was released a day ago and features singer Kidum. It’s the second video after “Manifest” from the new album 2nd Life which drops on 24th December.

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