Nameless & Wahu’s Unique New Music Project Is Fire!

Kenya’s favourite couple Nameless and Wahu have done it again. The two have released a riddim battle titled This Love Ya Nameless VS This Love Ya Wahu. This unique project features two different songs played on the same beat but tell stories of the extreme sides of love.

The much anticipated project was dropped yesterday evening on YouTube and the 2 songs are currently on the trending list with Wahu’s leading at over 145K and Nameless at 93K views. While Nameless sings about the hardships of love such as arguments, pain and hurt, Wahu’s version is about the beautiful side of love that is filled with happiness and inspiration.

The 2 songs in Love Ya Nameless VS This Love Ya Wahu project were produced by super producer Cedo and mixed and mastered by the legendary Ogopa Deejays producer, Lucas Bikedo. Nameless and Wahu co-wrote their respective versions alongside Brandon Israel.

Both visuals were directed by VJ One and produced by Shakira Nassali. Dance and fitness enthusiast Chiki Kuruka plays the role of Nameless’ love interest in This Love ya Nameless’ music video while her husband, Sauti Sol member Bien, plays Wahu’s love interest in This Love ya Wahu music video. The 2 videos expound on the messages of the songs and creatively interweave with each other.

Fans are clearly loving the tracks if their comments are anything to go by.

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