Nameless Reacts To Trio Mio, Esir Comparison: ‘Keep Up The Good Work’

Rapper Trio Mio was trending for the better part of yesterday for his rap skills which, according to some, are at par with rap legend Esir’s.

On Twitter, a fierce debate erupted on who is better between the 16-year-old rapper and South C’s finest who ruled almost a decade ago.

“E-Sir went before his time. The guy is a legend. Trio Mio coming up well but not reached the levels of E-Sir.” said a fan.

“Trio Mio is talented. That’s true. But comparing with E-Sir is where we draw the line,” another argued.

Nameless, who was his colleague and best friend, had nothing but love and admiration for Trio Mio after seeing the trend.

“Keep up the good work @TriomioOfficial whenever you see yourself being compared to greats like E-Sir then you are definitely impactful. Bless up” shared Nameless.

“Thank you so much @namelesskenya this means the world to me. It’s a great honor to even be in the same convo as The Legend Goat Inanipea strength ya kuzidi kuskuma. Bless Up”  Trio Mio’s replied.

Trio has been in the music industry for two years now having started during the long school break caused by the pandemic. He’s behind hits such as Serereka, Cheza Kama Wewe and Chonjo.

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