Nairobi’s Reggae Scene Takes It To The Next Level “First Ever Reggae Pool Party”

The party scene in Nairobi is at an all-time high and keeps transforming. In an effort to keep up with global trends, party stakeholders have to re-invent tactics to keep the party scene kicking. Enter pool parties. Creating an extended time to party on Sunday afternoons to nightfall, the fad is capturing a different audience.

Jamrock pool party took place this past weekend. Dubbed as “First ever reggae pool party” invited reggae music lovers to have a sip and dip at the Best Western Premier rooftop pool. Serene environment in the Hurlingham suburb was a better set up appealing to high end spenders. We know even our president and some high level politicians love reggae music, so the amalgam from celebrities, head of county governments to regular party trotters all came through.

Music as provided by the Disk jockeys was a mix of vintage rock steady reggae beats and some new school funky style mainstream media was playing. That meant everyone attending was catered for ending the nudge to exit early. An all Star Dj line up from Kriss Darlin, Djs Moh, Kace, Phauz, Bonez, and Mr.T all had  chance to wow the crowd of about 500 guests by the pool.  All white and gold was the dress code, don’t forget dreadlocked bevy of ladies sitting by the pool sipping on their cocktails was a sight to behold. Summer was really in Nairobi. The drinks on the various tables beamed more about the persona of the patrons. It was a totally different crowd jamming to the Caribbean music and laughing loud that impressed me. “This type of chilled set up, with no sweat and grinding as we see in the club is fantastic, I love it” said Talia a radio host attending the party.


Reggae music in Nairobi has a bad rap, often associated with violence, pilferage, drugs and everything a party fanatic would keep away from. One group who survive on giving the city the dose of reggae music Monday to Monday is the Dohty Family crew. In their endeared effort to clean up the scene, the pool party was everything that reggae in Nairobi hopes to be. Kriss Darlin the CEO of the group was excited to celebrate his birthday at the said party. “I know it’s my birthday weekend but this pool party is an idea I want to show the reggae community that we can cater for every class in Nairobi. We want to have media, politicians, business owners, foreigner enjoy reggae in comfort, so we bringing the music to their favorite spots”. The event had the tickets booked via an E-Pay platform.

The organizers say the trend will go on in the future and hope to grow it to a regular outdoor gig.


Pics Courtesy of Dohty Family


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